Pioneering Grid Analytics Technology

to Accelerate Renewable Energy & Data Centre Grid Connections

We are market leaders in grid analytics, empowering renewable energy developers, data centre developers, and energy traders with the insight they need to achieve the results they want at scale.

Our Values

We are much more than just a technology company; we genuinely care about the future of our planet. We know renewables are the way forward, and we are applying our knowledge, experience, and insights gained through years of research and observation to remove barriers to progress in this area.

By eliminating the complexities of establishing viable grid connections, we help innovation flourish, providing opportunities for utilities, traders, landowners, and asset managers to be part of the climate solution.

Scalable Grid Analytics

Reach Your GW Targets

If your mission is to achieve a certain number of GWs in a set timeframe, our systems, technology, and people can help you. We remove the ambiguities and colour the grey areas inherent in today’s grid connection landscape so you can focus on what you do best.

Faster to Market

Competition is fierce and continues to ramp up. Traditional processes cannot keep pace with demand. NovoGrid fills those gaps, providing simple solutions and clear, actionable insights that improve your chances of a favourable connection offer.


Our technology reduces the grid connection process by up to 24 months. From the start of your development process to an accepted grid connection offer, faster timelines mean you can scale your project portfolio reliably and mitigate risk.


Application fees can rack up quickly, and there is no guarantee that your connection offer will be acceptable. We help you qualify connections before you apply so you can optimise your spending on projects that offer the greatest potential for success.

Do More With Less

As many organisations struggle to achieve their targets due to inefficient processes and talent shortfalls, the right technology is a game-changer. NovoGrid eliminates inefficiencies in grid activities, making what you do more doable, scalable, and profitable.

NovoGrid is the Google of Grid Analytics, searching through complexities to find the ideal connection.

Our Customers

Explore Our Products

At NovoGrid, we’ve always believed in continuous evolution, and that’s evident in our expanding suite of products. Each one is meticulously designed, built on our core grid analytics technology, and serves distinct needs in the energy landscape.
Energy tech-enabled actionable insights delivered in a user-friendly visual format…
Configured and operational in 48 hours via API to your existing energy trading dashboard…

Simplifies grid location scouting with its interactive map database